Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 17 ~ Tuesday ~ sunny.
A beautiful day, even tho the mountain has clouds.
Kinda the same as yesterday...doing what we want, whenEVER...relaxing and enjoying everything.
Had company today, first Mark (“It hard to explain.”), then Chris (high school counselor in Anchorage and bar tender at Indian Creek) on his way out, then Kim who stayed most of the day. When I say Kim “is a work of art”, you really don’t want to ask how. He is a very good neighbor, watching our property when we are gone (nothing...and I mean NOTHING...was disturbed when we got here. Tarps were in the same place...wood...gas cans...)...and really is a good guy...just has a different way of thinking than a lot of people AND a very different way of expressing it. We’ll have him do more dirt work for us if we decide to go that route.
Saw two woodpeckers today. Kim told us birds are everywhere...and if we put feed out we’d have flocks come in. Was wondering where they all were...didn’t know we were starving them!

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