Thursday, July 26, 2007


July 25 ~ Wednesday ~ HEY! SUN with high clouds.
Lazy, lazy, lazy...sleeping in until 7:30am. Decide to look at the first class mail while having coffee with my creamer and discover that our house ins. payment WAS due LAST WEEK, so after cooking breakfast Jack and I go down to the Glenn Highway where there is a pay phone and wi-fi. Received a lot of e-mail, but most were forwards/pictures that cannot be received by pocket-mail. All forwards and pictures need to be sent to the bresnan address since it bogs down pocket-mail transmissions.
Just hanging out at David’s in the afternoon...reading, spiffying up the place, etc....relaxing, waiting for him to get off work when we will probably load a culvert or two into our trailer.
Update on the high school rodeo finals...Tera was disqualified during the first barrels due to her horse balking and going the wrong way around the #1 barrel...and Lindsay came in 18th and rides again tonight. They also competed in a rodeo on Sunday and blew everyone away...with the same rented horses (hundreds per ride!), so the disqualification was an unfortunate turn of events. Their score is a combination of the two trials. They are also competing in a rodeo this afternoon.
Have learned our friends from WF are not coming up this weekend to fish on the Kenai P., but will be here the middle of August...just when we will be in Ninilchik again***GOOD TIMING! So...we will head back to Talkeetna either tomorrow or Friday and hope we have company there this weekend...could be Morgans...or Adams...or just never knows. A given tho is Kim and Mark...maybe Chris...or HB and Erin...


July 24 ~ Tuesday ~ rainy to cloudy. Carolyn and Jackson's b-days!
Happy Birthday to you!

Kim, and then, Mark come to have coffee/visit before we leave for Wasilla and Hick’s Creek. Kim needs Jack to take him to his excavator on the 4 wheeler...and we leave the 4 wheeler with Mark while gone. Went to Talkeetna first, to dump and get water, then to the mail for the package of meds and first class mail Kelly has sent, also, sending a wedding gift down to MT...and taking a new phone book and booklets/brochures for friends who may venture this way next year. Filled with propane at Talkeetna Mechanical which is oodles less expensive than at the Jct. and also discover diesel has gone DOWN!!! to $2.79/gal.
Another neat thing~laundry doesn’t take nearly as long when using a pre-dryer...maybe an hour and a half...kinda like the water extractor at The Wave. After grocery shopping at Carr’s (Safeway), Three Bears (like a little Costco...VERY GOOD WHOLE PRIME RIB STEAK SECTIONS FOR ONLY $3.99/lb. with free cutting!) and Freddie’s, we stop at Adam’s to use the net, getting to David’s cabin about 7:30pm, just in time to feed him “REAL FOOD”. He’s been working without a day off since July 5th so has not made it to get groceries or to the laundromat.
The fireweed with Jacob’s ladder is blooming all over this pretty together with the deep pink and blue...and...the white flowered cow parsnip (pushki), not a fun plant due to sever skin irritation and blistering if touched, but neat with the other flowers, nonetheless. And there is also a deep red berry starting to come alive, but have to do a bit of research yet to find out the plant.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007


July 23 ~ Monday ~ Rain, partly cloudy, a peek of sun.
Stayed in bed listening to the radio and the rain on the roof until...too late...then cleaned and rearranged things. Have discovered that I, again, have packed too many clothes (after taking less than last year already) decided to downsize, packing half away in the trailer black boxes AND bringing in scrapbooking materials in case I get a chance to start on the album while visiting David at Hick’s Creek construction site this week. Cleaned one of the fans in the camper and it is ever so bright and shiny now, letting in light I didn’t know was there. On this one Jack could unscrew the screen, but on the bathroom one I have to just spray with a cleaner then use the shower hose...and then remember to wipe the water that stays on the screen or we get dripped on when we least expect it.
Rained most of the morning, but became sporadic during the afternoon so Mark came over to help Jack set up our 18 foot octagon screened gazebo thingy from Cabela’s we had purchased shortly after buying the land...had left it here, not used...last year. It’s pretty cool! Big enough for getting out of the things when we leave for a couple days. Might be Diane and Co. will stop in on their day to Denali this week and we’ll be ready for them.
Cleaned out and rearranged the trailer to take with us tomorrow when we go to David’s for the culvert...and the pipe/toilet from a hardware store...for our outhouse.
Have noticed the foliage is not as vibrant anymore...some even turning color. We really need to be here earlier in the spring so experience the first buds...and the longer days!


July 22 ~ Sunday ~ R-R-RAIN!!!!
Was really really hoping it would be sunny for Morgan’s first day in Alaska, but... Diane said it doesn’t matter...”we’ll just have a good time anyway”! Thought they might sleep in a bit since they arrived just before midnight, but either are excited to start seeing things or are still on NE time. We met them at the 3rd St. parking lot about 9:30am, walked to a few shops and the visitor center, then ate breakfast at Sacks CafĂ© on G St....VERY good food although a bit pricey (reindeer sausage omelet with potatoes $10.50). Next we went to the Sat./Sun. Market, downtown Anchorage...2 blocks from Sacks...numerous booths with crafts, food, leather goods, clothes, hats, jewelry, antique pocket watches (the guy remembered Jack from last year!)...bought a few things, then parted ways. Gave Diane the 2fer coupon book in hope it would be of use to them...and also, a ‘scope’ patch for their Prince William Sound cruise on Tuesday.
Heading back to Talkeetna, IN THE RAIN, about 12:30pm, stopping at Wal-Mart in Wasilla for needed chemical for the camper toilet to keep things pleasant. Amazing what a little formaldehyde can do...but find they are now making it without so will try that. One is even made by Oxy...we will see OR SMELL as the case may be... Just what you wanted to know!
Since it’s raining we stay inside the camper...reading, playing suDoku, whatEVer, listening to the plink...plink on the roof.
Needless to say, we are missing family and friends and are very glad when we hear via phone or pocketmail...and, on Sunday, esp. I miss my Christian family...and pray all is well.

Sunday, July 22, 2007


July 21 ~ Saturday ~ sunny to partly cloudy.
Today is...Wasilla for~laundry, grocery shopping, replenishing the camper water AND dumping what we've used (6 days is pushing it a little, but we made it) and stay in 'our' place at Jeff's and Janell's.
Kinda upset with 'picture person' told me that the machine will make the 19 cent each digital prints and THEN when I was done with selecting and editing, etc. another person told me that the machine is broken and they can only make CD's...all that time wasted! Really wanted several of the pictures to use as postcards to send before we head back to Talkeetna tomorrow.
And...another peeve. My Verizon cell phone will not let me retrieve my voicemail. An Alaska company, ACS, gets on there and gives me messages...and then says my 'pin' number is not valid. What's with that!
Had a good visit with J/J and watched a movie with them...and now I 'get to' go thru all my e-mail before going to bed...IF I make it that long.

Saturday, July 21, 2007


July 20 ~ Friday ~ LOTS OF SUN! Happy Birthday, Lyndy Mae!!!
Just as the no-see-um bite on my neck is getting better, I see I have acquired one on my eyebrow ~ that’ll look good for the next several days! No-see-ums are very little fly creatures that you can hardly see...with huge jaws and teeth that don’t hurt when they bite, but leave a small raw patch that starts to ITCH and swell to about nickel size a day or so later, turning red and ugly...
Today Jack has broken a short trail~over logs, thru brush, stomping ferns and other foliage, going down a fairly steep embankment...with the 4 wheeler... and using the chain saw for fallen logs. Things are looking up! Even the entrance ½ way in looks better since the chain saw was there yesterday.
We took another ride to the beaver dam...was hoping the German couple were still there, but we missed them...and the beavers (yes, two) kept hiding, swimming AWAY from us, doing their repair work.
A beautiful day and evening! Kinda gathering things together since we will be gone this weekend, but coming back as soon as possible on Sunday!


July 19 ~ Thursday ~ sunny. we are visited by Kim, Chris, Gray Jays, woodpeckers and the dogs: Whitie and Blue-eyed Buddy (Kim’s) and Samantha (Mark’s)...and while pocket-mailing (FINALLY came in!) I listen to Sandhill Cranes by the swimming hole. Also, talked to Debbie, the first person I contacted after buying this land and the coordinator of the Moose Dropping festival. She told me there were 4000 tourists...NOT COUNTING cruise line and town on Saturday AND she had heard between 6000-8000 from cruise line buses and RR on a regular basis every day! I’m not sure just where the little shops and stores have their inventory, but they’d have to have items trucked in every day it seems. I could sit downtown Talkeetna and people watch all day!
MTA (telephone company) has equipment...for the cost of a land-line... that people can have on their property for phone and internet access, signals coming off the two cell towers within range. An idea for the future possibly...
Jack called David and we will be going to Hick’s Creek Tuesday thru Thursday next week to pick up a used culvert for our outhouse...and to watch Lindsay and Tera compete in the high school finals rodeo in Illinois being televised on RFD-TV.


July 18 ~ Wednesday ~ partly sunny.
Wow! If I don’t write in here every day, I forget...altho mostly the days are all the same ~ listen to the radio, make coffee, start a fire, pocketmail, read, soduko, visit, saw trees, clear and burn brush (not so much in that order)~ but am not bored at all.
This evening Jack and I took the 4 wheeler for a ride ~ down past Chris’, thru the meadow on a just-made-by-hand trail (big enough for a big 4 wheeler) to another road that comes in from the Parks highway. If we HAD to I think we could get to our land this way, but it does cross a huge beaver dam so don’t know how heavy a load would be feasible. Stopped at the dam ~ saw the beaver swimming, repairing ~ then on up the road back to our land. Just past the dam was a German-made vehicle parked along the road. Looked almost like an armored vehicle - big tires - mostly enclosed. Am wondering if it’s the same type the radio show hosts were describing that had pulled into the “beautiful Diamond Center Wal Mart parking lot in downtown Anchorage”...13 feet high, 8 feet wide, looked home-made. They interviewed the older Swiss couple driving and said it was made for the Paris to Dakar, North Africa race to carry extra parts, bullet proof, cost $750,000! We had seen one like it in Soldotna...of course, I didn’t take a picture...either time...


July 17 ~ Tuesday ~ sunny.
A beautiful day, even tho the mountain has clouds.
Kinda the same as yesterday...doing what we want, whenEVER...relaxing and enjoying everything.
Had company today, first Mark (“It hard to explain.”), then Chris (high school counselor in Anchorage and bar tender at Indian Creek) on his way out, then Kim who stayed most of the day. When I say Kim “is a work of art”, you really don’t want to ask how. He is a very good neighbor, watching our property when we are gone (nothing...and I mean NOTHING...was disturbed when we got here. Tarps were in the same place...wood...gas cans...)...and really is a good guy...just has a different way of thinking than a lot of people AND a very different way of expressing it. We’ll have him do more dirt work for us if we decide to go that route.
Saw two woodpeckers today. Kim told us birds are everywhere...and if we put feed out we’d have flocks come in. Was wondering where they all were...didn’t know we were starving them!


July 16 ~ Monday ~ SUNNY!
Being lazy today...decided to relax a little AND clear/do wood when I want. Took a 4 wheeler ride late morning and Denali had NO clouds around it at all! Usually later morning clouds start forming, the mountain making it’s own weather. Words - or pictures for that matter - cannot describe the awesome beauty that is Mt. McKinley when it’s ‘out’. ***IT’S RIGHT THERE!***
Also, rode to Montana Creek to see the salmon. A few were all lined up to swim upstream, to spawn and then die...would really like to see a creek/river full with ‘red’ fish! AND...I want to see combat fishing...people standing within arm’s length of each other...sometimes fish when ‘the run is in’. It’s not usual to share the stream/river with bears, catching way more than their limit, not that it matters.
I’m thinking I’d like to burn our name/initials into these benches somehow. The tire iron was out of the question...didn’t even ask the question...but, we had left rebar here last year for marking our lot corners and that, heated up in the fire coals, has given one bench it’s own identity...and a split log it’s own uniqueness. The log is on the hill by our road...up and to the left when coming in.
Saw Denali again at 5:30pm when I did pocketmail...a couple little clouds about midway unusual day in that respect. While there our neighbor happened by and said there had been over 4000 people in town on Saturday and still today an extraordinary amount.
The Ostrich ferns are changing color now...from emerald green to a more yellow...which means summer is on the down swing. I’d really like to be here in April or May ~ first: to see/hear breakup...second: to experience more daylight longer.
The Grey Jay...a.k.a. Camprobbers...come by now and then for handouts...had one eating off my foot today ~ guess that would be a footout. They are gluttons and very selfish, trying to pick up all the bread pieces so no one else has a share.
Conserving water again. We made it 5 nights last week! We’re getting good at this! If I had a chance, I’d just stay here for as long as I could.


July 15 ~ Sunday ~ partly cloudy to sunny.
This morning we park on the road closest to the beach in Talkeetna, then walk to the VFW for their bisquit & gravy/pancake & sausage breakfast with homemade blueberry/raspberry/mixed berry sauce or applesauce for the toppings...soooo yummy!
Walked to Tanners for internet access to blog and e-mail. Jack walked to the park to listen to music and met Leo Schultz form New York via Florida*** WHO BOUGHT 40 ACRES 16 MILES FROM TALKEETNA ON E-BAY, SIGHT UNSEEN***so~ it appears we are not the only 'odd' people around! Another guy happened to be sitting between them when they were conserving and couldn't believe his ears. Leo has flown over his property ~ cabin, out- buildings, 4 wheeler trail in (yup~all 16 miles!) or by rafting. He'll go in this week when his son arrives.
Also, met Nancy and George from NY via NM who are full time RVers for 2 years running. Had seen them at the Ninilchik rodeo ~ might see them again at the Anderson Bluegrass Festival in a couple weeks if we go up that way.
The music today had a couple groups who were awesome! Mountain Waxwing was Suzy Crosby and two others who sang traditional style festival folk music~harmonizing was wonderful~soprano so clear...truely a God-given talent. The other group was, The Simpletones, an old time string band originating in Talkeetna who hang out in the park every once in a while ~ banjo, guitar, base guitar, fiddle...6-7 people in all, with the fiddle player just joining Saturday night, so had not ever played any of the music with them before. How I wish I could play like that!
Also ate ~ gyros...kettle korn...and bought a few more things.
Got back to camp about 7:30pm...built a fire and enjoyed the blue-skied evening.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


July 15...
Will post today's and this week's blog later this week...
Pictures would not will try those also when we go to Wasilla toward the end of the week...
Until then...Blessings!


July 14 ~ Saturday ~ partly cloudy/sunny/sprinkles.
Today we both get up early and head for Talkeetna Spur Jct. for the ATM and to make phone calls, then to do the laundry at Talkeetna RV Campground where we will stay for the night. Mark, the owner, is a former Ididarod dogsled musher... he even remembers us***as he should~ since we stayed at the campground for over a month last year. It’s an easy ½ mile walk to “beautiful downtown Talkeetna” where most of the Moose Dropping Festival is, booths with pottery, clothes, pictures, candles, jellies, food, jewelry, etc....a good place to people kidding, thousands of people with locals and all the cruise lines coming in via bus/RR and then ~those campers. Jack heard it rumored Talkeetna has over 1000 visitors on an average day now in the summer...and is readying to meet the anticipated 5000 per day soon. The population is around 700 people, 253 moose and 319 bear and one old grouch. Missed the parade...which was very short, even with the instant replay of them doubling back to the start. Found some awesome pottery...also, pen and felt tip marker drawings of animals by a young adult artist and Special Olympic athlete from Homer that I really REALLY liked. People-watched for a while, listening to the different groups play on the village green... AND found a wireless internet at Tanner’s, a grocery store/coffee shop. YES...I did eat downtown, too...smoked turkey know, it’s necessary! And went to the moose dropping...moose droppings a bag... suspended above a bullseye...and the closest to the middle wins ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS...2nd winner gets FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS! Sadly, I didn’t buy a ticket...
Jack, meanwhile, stayed with the camper since his body isn’t letting him do the things he’d like to be doing. But he was nice enough to have fixed supper by the time I hobbled back in.

Saturday, July 14, 2007


July 13 ~ Friday ~ and started to RAIN AFTER I built a fire, so...
back into the camper...had even gotten outside by 8:30, but did sudoku for a while until the generator was turned on and I could charge the MP3 and type. Jack left to see Chris and then, after telling me Mark spotted about an 800 pound grizzly a couple miles from here, headed down to the storage place ( 10 miles down to the Talkeetna Spur) on the 4 wheeler to retrieve our gazebo and tarps. I am loaded and ready for bear if that grizzly puts up a fight...kinda...not really...BUT the loaded gun is here...
The fireweed is now in bloom...beautiful vivid pink/fuchsia...a brighter spot in the different shades of bright green...or, sometimes it could be surveyor’s tape we’ve used...
Finally, I’m done typing/writing and head outside to cut more branches to burn. Jack has met some more of our neighbors who are making a trail thru the meadow from one cabin-site to another. They asked Jack if we’ve seen any bear sign...and tell him, YES, there are bear here.
In the late afternoon the 4 wheeler goes with me to do pocketmail and call Tasha, but have to wait for a big and portly porcupine to amble down the road...until a truck goes by and he heads for the brush.
Sitting by the fire, hoping the sun will come out just a little bit, but finally the tiny flies get to me and I head inside, joining Jack in the comfort of our home in God’s ‘wilderness’. No mosquitoes to speak of, just a few now and then...some black flies and moose flies, but haven’t been bothered much at all~and haven’t used any spray~YET. We did pull some more trees down to cut them up, but are now done for a couple days...going into Talkeetna tomorrow for: water, internet, phone calls, laundry and the moose festival.
And ...the sun comes out at 9pm, when we are winding down, clean and getting ready for sleep...making everything even more vivid and beautiful!


July 12 ~ Thursday ~ sunny to cloudy.
OK...I DID NOT sleep in this morning...cuz...a person misses the best part of the day if they do! Radio was still on, but with coffee in hand I went out to start the fire...then became a branch collector again...and a slash burner...still a big amount to go, but little by little it’ll get done.
Jack’s leg/knee/back still are no better~ so he’s on fire/K P duty. He seasoned the Dutch oven (think squirrel) , then put a BEEF roast in with potatoes and onion, to cook for dinner...and it was soooo yummy! Very tender...very good...AND...he even cleaned the Dutch oven afterwards...ready for next time (those pesky squirrels!). He has also whittled a spatula/stirrer to use in the Dutch oven...and did a mighty fine job of it, too!
I am really tired tonight...all the hard work gathering those branches! No more shooting for $22 for 50 rounds I’m thinking conservative is best...but bullets might just be on the shopping list. As Jack was reading I went to sleep with the music of Michael Card in my ears.


July 11 ~ Wednesday ~ fairly sunny all day!

This sleeping in has got to stop...tomorrow!!! The daylight is wasting away, but we stay up late, too.
I love riding this 4-wheeler! Usually I only go a mile and a half to the swimming hole where I get a good signal for calls or pocketmail, but sometimes I go to the bridge to check out the fish...KINGS ARE IN!!! Trouble is...there’s no fishing from this creek site.
Jack is chopping wood and I’m clearing branches...and will be for quite a while. Jack usually takes a ride at least once or twice a day to visit Mark...or Chris...or Kim (road builder last year...gone for another week...OTHERWISE, we wouldn’t be sleeping in)...or whomEVer is around.
We are trying to conserve water...going for 5 days without filling, etc....a first, so we’ll see. We did keep all the water we had left when we went in on Monday and Jack heated up some so I could wash my hair...have been feeling creepy/crawly things moving around on my head. Probably the dreaded no-see-ums invading the territory.
A very small PLINK/boink in the evening, but enuf to get out my umbrella (just read about a lady who came to AK with an umbrell~people laughed at her, but stopped kept her dry...or in the shade...or when she used it for privacy at nature’s call or during dressing) while I sat by the fire doing soduko.
Jack has hurt his knee again. First time was a few years ago on our way to Dawson City...originally a RR things are slow going for him. Hoping rest will help it, but he has to remember to come out of the camper backwards...much easier...and it’s recommended to do it that way.


July 10 ~ Tuesday ~ partly sunny/partly cloudy/partly rainy.
Kinda just depends...nice in the morning, then cloudy and rainy... a very nice, fairly heavy rain for a bit in the later evening...sounds so soothing in the camper...PLINK/boink, PLINK/boink...
Started clearing old branches of trees taken down last year, spiffying things up a bit. We haven’t done any trail clearing, but did wander over to our neighbors and looked at their outhouse...not inside since it’s locked, but had looked in on Sunday when they were there and we’re thinking of constructing ours the same way...oil drums welded together, cement floor, toilet from a hardware store and the piping, and either plywood or T-111. Walked back a little (very little) way on our land...wondering again***JUST WHERE IS THAT PROPERTY LINE! I’ve called a surveyor numerous times thruout the winter, but have never gotten a call must be booming for them. Maybe a blessing since H B told us it would cost about $3500...quite a bit of money!!! They ran a line from front corner to back corner this spring, shoe-snowing their way. Hope we can go from their line, but hard to know just from where to measure.
Mark came over to visit and with Jack’s inspiration made two 6 foot benches out of a log to sit by the fire. AND...I shot the pistol today...and hit the burn barrel***YES!***that’s where I was aiming!!! Just to let you know...the barrel isn’t as long as what you’ve probably been told...only 6 ½", but it really did seem longer when I first saw it. It IS heavy to shoot for any length of time, but doesn’t have the kick (magna-ported) I was worried about; hence, no marks on the face. Now I’m ready for anything...grizzly, moose...but have only seen a handful of birds and a shrew, maybe a squirrel or two. Squirrel plus Dutch oven you say....???


July 9 ~ Monday ~ cloudy/rain.
Really was hoping the sun would be here again today, but...
So... therefore, it’s another lazy- late- getting up morning, listening to the radio and drinking coffee, leaving for Sunshine Jct. (Parks Highway and Talkeetna Spur Rd. Jct.) where we do get the CellOne phone finally activated, buy gas for the 4-wheeler, and pick-up saw, pruner and little tables from storage...then on to Talkeetna, stopping at the campground (Wilma and Marv...where are you!) for water, etc. and making a reservation for Saturday night (we’re going to town!) so we can attend the Moose Dropping (poor mooses) festival this coming weekend. Kinda am missing the planes and activity of the campground...we spent a lot of time there last year...but really am perfectly content to be on our land for days at a time. Before heading home we picked up the mail (much easier to buy $8.95 post office first class boxes and have Kelly stuff with as much as possible, than to forward mail...WHICH TAKES WEEKS TO UNFORWARD WHEN YOU GET HOME!) ...and...because we HAVE to... we go to the Roadhouse for cinnamon rolls and bread.
A side trip~on X-Y Road~found it last year while looking for a lake...sign just before the bend in the road says “road ends in 50 feet”...tall trees everywhere...and after the bend ~ BARTLETT EARTH STATION sign with the hugest satellite dishes ever~kind of an unearthly feeling, but only an AT&T Communications location. Thought it might be another Roswell...
Back home...with the rain...we turn on the generator and plug everything in... to be charged while Jack watches a DVD about cast iron cookware and I print pictures and write the blog, hoping I can transfer from word perfect to the site. We are really ‘roughing it’ now!!!
Looks like an inside the camper-sort -of evening, but remembering it IS warm, cozy and dry...some people are not as fortunate. Jack did cut a bit of firewood today...and, hopefully, will work on more tomorrow ***IN THE SUN...maybe...***.


July 8 ~ Sunday ~ cloudy, then... SUN!
A lazy, kinda sleep-in morning, then decide we should really get something. It’s been raining for a couple weeks off and on so all the foliage is still wet. Rain forest comes to mind~no bare spots, but all covered with white spruce and birch trees, Ostrich ferns (can be eaten), Devil’s Club ( careful where you squat..., huge leaves, grows in fertile soil, related to Ginseng), fireweed (jelly and honey), star flower (or dogwood) and brush.
Jack has been out on the 4-wheeler visiting friends we had met last year, about ½ mile from us...Mark and Chris. Chris has his cabin built now... really nice looking! Mark stayed the winter on Chris’s land, cleaning up the building materials, gathering wood and trying to survive the cold, but not much snow, winter. I tried to use pocketmail with the CellOne phone we had activated on Friday, but it only is in SOS mode...will have to remedy that tomorrow when we go into Talkeetna. Jack is over at our next door neighbor’s so I walked on over...and meet a very nice young couple, H.B. and Erin from Wasilla (civil engineer/2nd grade teacher) who are building (THEMSELVES) a 20X20 cabin(self-designed)...watching them pull a second wall up with their 4-wheeler (making both Erin and me quite nervous). They are building on skids...on cement ask all kinds of questions...materials for the shell (about $7500), outhouse (about $300 for 4X6 foot), no well (have to drill way over 200 feet at $36/foot and then not so good water), trail to the back of property (will share same one, zigzagging wherEVer it’s the easiest, going on their land and ours).
The evening is so peaceful and beautiful...sun is shining, slanting at a high altitude thru the trees even at 9:30pm, fire is blazingt in it’s very own fire-ring (Cabela’s for Christmas)...just sitting, sipping hot chocolate (ah...yes...with peppermint schnapps)...and enjoying the blessings God has given.

Palmer to Our Land

July 7 ~ Saturday ~ cloudy/rainy.
Adams and Jensons are headed to Anchorage and Girdwood for the day...was really good to meet Chuck, Jodie and teens. They will be leaving next weekend so will not see them again this trip. We are on our way to Talkeetna via shopping and visiting in Wasilla...Freddies (for picture printing and groceries~still no Marv and Wilma) and to Jim/Kay’s for visiting, washing clothes and spaghetti. It was so good of them to invite us long-lost friends...since we had just met her last year and only for a brief time. Met their two dogs and two cats, which I DID NOT PET AT ALL. After leaving town for the second time (forgot the pictures...duh!) we arrive at our land about 8:30pm...and all is well. We do hear a generator so think our neighbors right to the south are here. Will be interesting meeting them...maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, July 7, 2007


July 6 ~ Friday ~ cloudy to sunny...too warm for a sweatshirt!!!
We are on our way back to Palmer today, then on to Talkeetna tomorrow, so blogs will be every three days or so, depending on when we find access to internet. Before I forget, if anyone would like to watch Tera and Lindsay compete at the high school rodeo finals go to They are busy raising money for the events, but Cindy's cinnamon rolls did not materialize this morning due to a glitch in the aluminum pan sad!
We returned the Lodge Dutch oven bought in Kenai because we found the same thing at the Sportsman's Warehouse in Anchorage for $28 less...AND...they also had the kind of lid lifter we wanted...AND...a shoulder holster for the 24 pound pistol. It's probably one of our favorite stores...and we're probably one of their favorite customers.
Talked to Stan and Blooie today***the ALMOST fugitives from the law, not only at the border, but something or other having to do with gas***and asked about the Dutch oven since it's frequently used while guiding and camping...will be anxious to try it out after we get it seasoned.
Met friends of Jeff/Janell's from Emigrant, MT who are visiting for two weeks...had a very good BBQ and visit...watched their video of the fly-in salmon fishing trip this last king, about 20 pounds caught.
FIRE DANGER...not so much here, but in MT. Misty sent pictures of a fire behind their house...about 50 yards away...very dry and hot and needing rain. God protected them as the wind was blowing away from their property.

Friday, July 6, 2007


July 5 ~ Thursday ~ cloudy, then rain.
Just really lazy today...napping...reading...eating...soduko...coloring hair. Yup, Cindy and I are new women and tonight I'm one will know me for the dark hair I'm sporting. Took time to get it that way, too...two applications, since the first time not all were dark.
David left for Hick's Creek tonight for early AM work. He won't be home again for a while, but I'm sure we'll go up to spend the night again sometime in July. He did not buy the pistol from me, but I made a deal with him. WHEN I win the 2007 Dodge p/u from the raffle in a couple weeks I'll GIVE it to him. Bet I'll have that gun for years...
No critters came wondering thru today, just the short legged, pigeon-toed, fox-eared Expresso... Just the opposite of Tasha 'puppy', Rainier...skinny, long-legged, but with ears almost the same.
We leave tomorrow for Jeff/Janell's for a day or two, then Talkeetna. Will post pictures this weekend***so many little time***.

Thursday, July 5, 2007


July 4 ~ INDEPENDENCE DAY ~ Wednesday ~ yup...cloudy/windy.
Slept in, then baked in the camper (Cindy's oven doesn't always work)for our red (strawberries), white and blue (berries) cake for our celebration...angel food...sooo yummy! Also, watched the New York concert/fireworks at midnight...New York time. There are no fireworks in Alaska on July 4th because they can't be seen due to the light. About midnight until 3:30am it's 'dark' enough to need a light to read, but can still see outside enough to know what's roaming where...if anything...
David arrived home early in the morning and he and Jack went to Country Boy Campground, where Jim, etc. were staying, for breakfast and to see them off to Seward. In the evening, six Sandhill Cranes wondered up the drive, letting me get within 15 feet for pictures. Of course, I missed their departure, not aiming in the right direction...another form of being behind...
David is thinking he NEEDS the 70 ", 22 pound gun...offering a measley amount of money...possession won't change...
Airmiles are 'flying back and forth' to get Tera and Lindsay to Illinois for the rodeo finals...leaving a week from Monday for about 10 days...have found horses to rent for their runs...and are now raising money for expenses, asking sponsors, baking cinnamon rolls, etc. If anyone wants to donate, leave a comment with particulars.


July 3 ~ Tuesday ~ cloudy...a-n-d...windy.
Didn't do much today...just lounged, cleaned the camper and p/u cab a bit, trying to find the little bag with the laundry quarters, but to no avail...probably in the garbage and already tossed just like the cantalope earlier this year and the schnapps last year. Will have to start going thru the that's an appetizing thought!
Remember the moose that are suppose to reside at certain residences? FINALLY, saw one of them here...a young cow, no little one, munching on succulent twigs 20 feet from the camper. Pictures will follow this weekend ~after I finish hunting for a router.
Jack washed the camper/pick-up/trailer, getting all those ugly bugs off...just in time for new ones to take their place. Jim and crew went to Homer today...Cindy and I bought coffee shop supplies in Soldotna. Inquired at Kaladi Coffee as to how much milk they use a day...12 gals. each whole and skim. Lindsay's Latte used 20 gals. total in a little over three days...really not bad for a small town with two coffee shops. Lindsay's puppy, Boots~the Coffee Dog, goes everyday with whomEVer is the latte~smoothie~breve~whatEVer~maker, guarding the door by sleeping behind it so it can't be opened. It's his job~it wears him out~he can only go so fast with his short legs when it's required (reminds me of a toddler with little chubby legs learning to walk)...shoulda named him Expresso!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


July 2 ~ Monday ~clouds with patch sun and no wind.
A perfect day for a cruise to Seldovia from Homer! We leave Schnabl's and Ninilchik a little after 8am for the drive south to Homer 40 miles away. The dark blue lupine and the lavender geraniums along the road and in the meadows are very brilliant in the just don't do them justice, but I gave it a try. We have time before the boat leaves so I 'do the Spit'***that would be browsing the little shops on the Homer Spit... I even find a free internet place if you are a I HAD to get a scone and breakfast sandwich for us...I HAD TO! We checked in at Central Charters...only had to pay $52 with tax for both of us due to the coupon we had in our 2fer booklet. Our boat, the Discovery, is 75 feet long with an upper open deck and a lower open and closed deck, comfortable seating over 60 people, some tourists, some residents of Seldovia.
Left the harbor, after walking down the dock at about a 45 degree angle due to very low tide, at 11 am with an informed and interesting captain, made a loop around Gull Island (I'd hate to be THAT housekeeper!), thru Elridge Passage, past Elephant Rock (looks just like an elephant with huge ears and trunk) and into Seldovia Bay, passing rafts of sea otters that sometimes look like just bobbing heads, but are really cute and fun to watch. Docked about 1pm amid a school of jellyfish and wandered the stretts of Seldovia, stopping to eat at The Tide Pool...very good food (spicy seafood chowder)...very good view (harbor and mountains)...very hungry raven (kept eating the french fries) and taking pictures of...the Russian Orthodox church... the harbor...the old boardwalk and just watching people, boats and planes going about their business. Boarded at 4pm..."today, tomorrow, the next 4pm" according to the captain...and high-tailed it back to Homer in 1 hour and 10 min. A very relaxing day...
Back in bear...


July 1 ~ Sunday ~ cloudy/NOT WINDY!
Try a peach green tea smoothie! They are soooo yummy!!! Cindy made one for me today before the rodeo...only problem with it was the weather. Just kinda cool for a cold drink, but from now on that's what I'm ordering.
Took a picture of Mt. Augustine, spewing off a little steam, from the beach before parking for the rodeo. Lindsay again was first in the calf daubing (marking a calf with a mustard laden dauber on or in front of the shoulder while riding) with 2.some seconds! and Hannibul made another appearance, but is so fast that pictures blur. OH...and just a reminder...always have extra camera batteries along so you don't have to rush to the pickup for more...not saying that's from personal experience tho...or maybe...
Jack's brother, his wife and her sister/husband arrived for their Kenai experience for the next three, cruising, visiting other relatives. As they were leaving one spotted a possible grizzly in the woods about 100 feet from the drive, so we are on the look-out for bear tonight...the 69" barreled gun at the ready. Of course, if it's anything like the resident moose...


June 30 ~ Saturday ~ sunny/windy (is it ever not windy!).
Cindy and Lindsay are gone by 6am~lemonade syrup/cotton candy (forgot, Cindy also has a machine for cotton candy!) making and selling lattes. Our morning starts out with a surprise phone call from good friends and swimming partners in Whitefish, then we're off to the 1pm rodeo, stopping to see Cindy at the coffee shop (had been filmed by a CT man "because we don't have any latte stands in the east") and then finding a parking spot across from the fair grounds by 12:30 as parking is limited, with the many attending this 2 day event, some even camping on the grounds. The flags were carried by people who have served our country~a very appropriate tribute to our military~with an eagle flying overhead ***not planned, but not a coincidence***during the national anthem. How's that for a Kodak moment! And...I didn't get the picture, but, among others, did get a tear or two... Tera and Lindsay both qualitied in barrels, with Lindsay also qualifying in calf daubing and poles***to be continued tomorrow...
Missed Hannibul, the half yak/half 'Brahma' bull, to help Cindy make pizza for the dance, but CONFIDENTLY handed the camera over to Jack in hopes he'd get a shot or two. WRONG! Finger missed the button and it was all over***to be continued tomorrow...
Meanwhile, Cindy and I indulged ourselves with a relaxing swim before making and delivering 15 pizza in less than 2 hours...with Jack cooking dinner for Lindsay and Tera before the evening dance. Ended the evening with a foot massage and ice cream (you decide how that goes together).
OH...bought a couple raffle tickets...for a rifle or pickup~and will decide which I want when I win***to be continued later this year...


June 29 ~ Friday ~ sunny/windy.
Well~just a little steam right now, but Mt. Redoubt and Mt. Illiamna were a very pretty site across the inlet today...will try to see Mt. Augustine (closer to Homer) tomorrow from Ninilchik beach. Augustine (steaming) did spout off in 2006~but was just a belch. These three volcanos are in, what is called, the Ring of Fire...easy way to remember them...AIR.
Blooie called this morning and they are already back in MT, headed to Livingston today. The border crossing proved to be eventful. The authorities were looking for a Stanley*middle name different*Adams so proceeded to frisk and search (Stan will add this to his many tales) while 5 border agents stood guard, but then apologized when they discovered Stan was not a person (of their) interest.
Cindy is busy with fund-raising for the Wolverine BB team in Ninilchik, the rodeo or 4-H in previous years...baking those YUMMY cinnamon rolls, making 'from scratch' lemonade, flipping burgers or making pizza. She and a friend have 'Pizza Friday'~call-in for 'made to order' pizza~for four hours each week, May thru October. In June alone they cleared over $2000 for the BB team! Quite a support from Ninilchik which has only 777 people.
The area was settled by the Russians many years ago and still has that ethnic influence. charters are based here and at Deep Creek. The Kenai Peninsula Fair, dubbed the "biggest little fair in Alaska" (where I won the 63" barrel, 20 pound pistol...face is fine...haven't shot it yet, but LOOK OUT DIRTY HARRY!), is held the third weekend of August, just in time for the participants to attend the 2nd week of the state fair in Palmer (HUGE vegetables!) for their rodeo competition and livestock showing.
Ninilchik and Deep Creek are known for their king salmon and halibut derbies, 'producing some of the largesst trophy halibut found in Cook Inlet, including a 466 pound unofficial world record sport-caught halibut.'(Milepost 2007)
Saw just one plume of smoke from the Caribou Hills fire NE of here which has burned over 70,000 acres, mostly due to the spruce beetle's rampage throughout the peninsula. The firefighters will be leaving shortly as their work is mostly done...a very dangerous, but rewarding task for them and the rsidents. Numerous cabins were lost, but no lives.