Monday, August 6, 2007


July 26 ~ Thursday ~ cloudy.
Since the rodeo is not broadcast on tv, and can only be listened to on the net (no wi-fi here either), we’ve decided to go back to Talkeetna today...AFTER we watch ‘Love Comes Softly’ (VERY good movie!), waiting for David to take us to the ‘used culvert site’ at noon. After we pick up the 10.6 foot, 42 inch culvert we head back to Jeff’s to use the net, then 3 Bears, Freddys and on to Home Depot for outhouse supplies. Have to call HB since we can’t remember what they used for their ‘pedestal’ for seat. It’s a sump basin for a sump pump... cut the top off and place on it~ the seat. Also, bought 4 inch ABS pipe (three, 10 foot long), a couple connectors and a cap...glue...and are at a loss about the rest so decide to leave and talk to Colgroves this weekend when they are on their land. How big...window(s)...roofing...cement or wood floor...all questions to be answered. Deciding is the hard part...SO FAR!
Stopped to ‘dump’ at H & H just north of the junction, but they charge $12!!!, so on to Talkeetna and the RV Campground there for ‘only’ $5.
Arrive home about 9:30pm and go up to Chris’ where we have left the 4-wheeler with Mark. Yup...Kim did drive it...and he is NOT a slow driver, but nothing is the worse for wear. Big party we leave very soon to set up our camp again.

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