Wednesday, August 15, 2007


August 11 ~ Saturday ~ beautiful blue skies!!!
What an awesome day...spent with such great friends in God’s wilderness creation!!! Jeff, Janell, Tanner, and Chandlier arrived late morning...with their 4 wheelers~ a Kodiak and a 660 Rhino~loaded, looking for bear. Actually, Kim was over a bit earlier and said there was a bear in the close vicinity during the night...the smell was in the air. So, with two 44 magnums and a rifle we started out up a 4 wheeler/snow machine/mushing (in the winter) trail at the end of Yoder road. TALK ABOUT MUD...AND ROCKS!!! BIG mud holes and BIG rocks. Both the Rhino (Jeff driving) and our Polaris Sportsman 700 (Jack driving) had to use their winches to pull themselves out of mud holes...and YUP...GOT IT ON VIDEO!!! It took close to 3 hours to go 4 ½ miles and it was a blast! I fell in the mud...never wear CROCS in mud and unlevel terrain when wet...both were sucked off once each and the walking was very difficult with a mud mask around my feet. Didn’t ‘pay’ to clean them off and dry them because some of the mud holes were over the footrests and on up the ankle. We were told the trail is over 20 miles with winches needed in different spots...and we think probably it would have been rougher, steeper going further on up. Stopped to eat sandwiches when we turned around...and picked blueberries along the way back... even saw fairly fresh moose and grizzly tracks and fresh grizzly scat with berries***no little bells that Jeff could see...the stores sell bells, mostly to tourists who are going hiking...get the picture? On the way back we stopped at the swimming hole to wash off mud AND I even took a scrub brush to my feet at home. Coming off the trail it looked quite hazy...wondering if it’s smoke...and could then smell it later in the evening...kinda a red-ish hue around.

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