Monday, August 6, 2007


July 31 ~ Tuesday ~ cloudy with mega-rain during the night.
Rain drops keep falling on my head...whenEVer I go to the pocket-mail site...
Went to John’s (the gravel guy last year) today to do laundry...then to a little store on the Parks Highway known as Jack’s to see if they carry Alaska Pride bread (soooo yummy!) AND it is about 33 cents cheaper than at Freddy’s! Also, bananas...99 cents, but Carr’s were that the other day. Been hungry for chicken, but that was too expensive and the bags were too big for our little freezer. Then we make our way into Talkeetna for dumping/water and mail and Tanner’s for the net, WHICH WAS A WASTED TRIP BECAUSE I COULDN’T GET ANYWHERE...THEREFORE...NO BLOG FOR AT LEAST 2 WEEKS!!!!!
Mark stopped by just before arriving home so talked with him a while, then I took a walk back to see what Jack had done with the trail yesterday. Thinking there is about 500 more feet out there, but the first 600 is very walkable. We’re going close to HB’s and Erin’s...they’ll use it, too.
Yoder Road is getting a facelift...grading and soon chip-sealing we think. Slow going now, but will be nice when done...and... hoping they have it high enough if another flood like last year comes thru. This soil is quite sandy; therefore, sinks in fast. If we didn’t know it had rained last night we couldn’t tell by our road/pad, but some roads do get quite muddy.
Jack talked to David...the girls didn’t place in the high school finals rodeo, but didn’t do too badly either. The second they arrived home in Ninilchik they loaded up their horses to ride at the fairgrounds. ALSO...I missed my chance to blow up the mountain...thousands of yards gone now. SOMEDAY!

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