Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 19 ~ Sunday ~ cloudy, but very mild and no rain.
A slower start today since nothing ‘major’ is happening at the fair, but get going and there by about 1pm. Ate again at the Texan BBQ...very good...BIG sandwiches (we shared) while listening to music...some not so good, but the last two groups were very much worth listening to. Even bought the last group’s CD of western swing and blue grass...touring Alaska since early August~ from Portland, OR.
Decided to buy a Huskystar by Viking felting machine at the fair (special lower price...had looked on the net last night to compare) and hope to embellish quilts this winter. Of course, the quilts have to be made first...
And... learned that Lindsay will be riding in the Palmer state fair rodeo either Saturday or Sunday so hope that works out for us to attend.

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