Friday, August 10, 2007


August 9 ~ Thursday ~ sunny.
We were expecting Jeff, Tanner and Chandlier to drive up today for 4 wheeling, but their p/u started smoking so turned around...disappointing, but all may come up on Saturday. Kim came over to dig the outhouse hole and trench and finish the road/pad...didn’t quite get done tho because of...visiting...trying to find more parts...but no break-downs today. He also told me about a blueberry patch a few lots up the road so tried to find them...and did, except they are up high on a hill, so only picked a few, but will go back for more within the next couple days. Fingers were stained purple when I was below my left eye and that was not from the blueberries, but from a bite.....
The little black flying thingys are not as prevalent today, even after starting a fire...what a relief! Even back in the woods, they didn’t bother when I took pictures of the trail...doesn’t take long to get back to the steep hill anymore. Maybe tomorrow after running into town I’ll finish what’s started of the rest of the trail.
Sounds like HB and Erin are here, pounding away on their cabin...wondering if they’ll be here all weekend as they told us they weren’t coming up.
Roy came over for a bit...also showed me his ‘cabin’ he’s built himself. Told me he went to Home Depot and read everything they had over a four day period, ordered his supplies, rented a backhoe and cat and started in on it...stick-frame, garage on bottom (snow machines), living quarters on the second level with nice size rooms. Seems to have thought things thru especially about providing heat even while not here part of the winter.
Mark was also here, helping with the pipes for the outhouse, etc....and stays for supper. He and Jack will finish putting the pipe in tomorrow morning.


tasha said...

I don't know if I could handle just an outhouse....although if it is as nice as what Martins have for the Elder Campout then it might not be too bad.

Chrysa said...

It'll be that nice...AND with a camera, too...maybe even a styrofoam seat for your comfort:-)