Monday, August 6, 2007


August 1 ~ Wednesday ~ cloudy, mild.
It’s a lazy start again today, but vacation means that sometimes. Once we get going Jack takes the 4 wheeler on the starting of the trail while I cut/prune the smaller bushes/trees to make walking easier. It’ll be a really nice trail when done! He has gone past HB/Erin’s by maybe 100 feet...some slow going due to dense thickets. By this weekend tho, I will have cleared close to their property so we can go back and forth this way instead out on the road and over their road.
Some of the leaves are turning already...and dropping...and the fireweed is half done. The ‘old’ saying is...when the fireweed is done blooming it’ll be 6 weeks until the first snowfall. The Devil’s Club berries are making an appearance...and I AM EATING SOOO YUMMY BLUEBERRIES! So much better than the ‘store’ variety! Hmmm...maybe that’s why it’s taking me longer than Jack... Mark and Kim visited.
I wash my hair every night...since those little creepy crawly things like to take up residence. Today they were terrible! And that was AFTER we were back at the fire, not in the woods. Probably followed us out after we liberated them in their cozy mossy boggy soil. No more bites tho!!!

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