Friday, August 10, 2007


August 6 ~ Monday ~ and there IS blue sky!
Yes...high clouds with blue sky...and kinda windy which is unusual. Makes a person a little thoughtful as to the tall trees and their shallow roots. The clouds are traveling two different ways at ... two different speeds.
Today is laundry/propane($2.55/gal....over $3/gal. at the junction)/Jack’s store/mail/dumping/getting water/blogging day.
Jack’s store is at Mile 98 on the Park’s Highway and has just about anything anyone would need in some form or another. Asked the guy if he knows where everything is and he said after almost 19 years he has a pretty good idea. Did buy a whole chicken at the extravagant price of $1.94/pound...better not burn it tomorrow! We had about a gallon of propane left so can run the camper on two 30 pound (7 gal. each) bottles for 12 days...nice to know if we are out and about without campgrounds. AND Tanner’s internet was working a bit faster so blogged 11 days worth and transferred pictures.
Still working on Yoder Road in preparation for chip-sealing ... and ... Montana Creek did get deeper with the rains, but stayed behind the rip-rap that was hauled in last year during the flooding.
Decided not to start a fire because those little flying gnat creatures love it as much as I do. Jack came back from visiting with Mark and said they were just thick AFTER he started his fire.
Kim did not come around today...excavator in the same spot as all weekend.

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