Monday, August 6, 2007


August 2 ~ Thursday ~ cloudy, then r-a-i-n...
A remake day...Kim is over with his excavator, pulling downed logs over where we can cut them into lengths for burning ...and enlarging the road/pad, going down into the soil 11 feet with the first 3 feet just awesome good as any in the Red River Valley of NORTH DAKOTA! After the 3 feet he did find sandy soil mixed with gravel/rocks so used that to fill in, then will put the tree root balls into that hole and fill. During one of his breaks he and Jack went to the junction for diesel, gas, and to retrieve our generator from storage. After plugging in we discovered the microwave and refrigerator do not respond, so don’t know what is going on there...DVD and camper batteries seem to be charged, however.
Brian Hougie came over for a visit...lives about a mile north of us with his family. They are the people who cleared a trail and made a boardwalk over the swamp south of us for a short-cut to their soon-to-be B&B ...also hauling 120 loads of gravel with their 4 wheeler/dump trailer onto a trail made by Kim to their prospective guest cabin.
In the evening it starts to rain...and rain...and rain. Just wish we could send some to the lower 48...

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