Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 16 ~ Thursday ~ cloudy, sprinkle-y, a tad of sun.
This morning I started a little after 6am, transferring pictures to the blog and finally was done about 9:30am ~ so nice to have Jeff’s internet that is faster than Tanner’s at Talkeetna. Chandler came to visit for a bit before we left, worried about being in a new school for 6th grade starting on Monday, but told her everyone is in ‘the same boat’ and it’ll be alright very soon. We’ll be back in a week or so and will see how she is then. Their two little ‘wiener’ dogs, Griz (younger) and Rebel (fairly old) have such personalities...and likes and dislikes. Rebel will tell you if he wants his blanket...likes to cuddle UNDER it, thank you! And then, there is Griz. He and Jeff have a battle every summer over the garden...and a lot of the time Griz willwin, beating Jeff to the carrots and peas when no one is looking...OR...even if they are.
Left about 10:30am for Anchorage and Costco...have to get those pork chops for Cindy! Also, had to buy a few other things including tickets to the state fair in Palmer, held August 23-Sept. 3...Fun Amongst the the theme. Some people really enjoy the fair, while others say, “Same ol’, same ol’!” I’m pretty excited to see what they have...booths for crafts and of huge We bought four tickets for the price of we just have to pay for parking!
Had a picnic on top of Turnagain the camper as it was cool and sprinkle-y, then arrived in Ninilchik by 6:30pm, taking our regular camping spot there, too. So nice to have places we can go and not have to have reservations. Cindy and the girls are gone, getting ready for the Kenai Peninsula State Fair that starts tomorrow in Ninilchik...where I won the 44 Magnum last year. Ya sure...they’ll get my money again...

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