Monday, August 6, 2007


July 27 ~ Friday ~ sunny.
VERY lazy today...just sitting by the fire, enjoying. Chris came over for a visit before he left...and won’t see him for a couple weeks since he’s flying back east for his brother’s wedding.
Remember the red berries we noticed this week...elderberries on bushes, leaves and berries look almost like Mountain Ash, but these berries are not a ‘cone’ shape...all parts poisonous, except the pulp of the berries and flowers, but the poison is broken down by boiling. There are also watermelon berries with a very weak taste of watermelon and not too many on any one bush, so to gather them for jelly would be tough. The natives of Seldovia do make that type of jelly and had bought some when there. And... there is the trailing raspberry which doesn’t look like a raspberry at all, but has 2 to 8 little berries all together to make one, with 5 separate leaflets. I’m assuming they are good to eat...because, the book doesn’t say otherwise. Now then...ripe berries...equal***BEARS***oh, oh... Also, we have Wood Ferns, not Ostrich Ferns, but the fiddlehead can still be picked and eaten in the early spring after they dry and the brown scales rubbed off.
Kim came over during the evening with a friend, so visited with them...and probably will again this weekend.
A most beautiful day God provided...peaceful, calm...just taking in His creation.

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