Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 17 ~ Friday ~ cloudy...sprinkles...rain...clouds.
And kinda chilly at the fair grounds...had to put on a coat besides the sweatshirt I was wearing...and stand in the pooch kennels during the downpour, but all in all it was a good day. Tera is again Grand Champion with one of her steers...Lindsay took second in barrels (‘The Beauty and The Beast’ -bull riding). And Hannibul is here again so hope to get a video of him tomorrow. One of the bull riders is both deaf and blind! Can you imagine normal living, let alone bull riding...not being able to see which way the bull MIGHT go??? Bought a few raffle tickets for different things, all of which, WHEN I WIN THEM, Cindy will pick up and keep for me like she did with the pistol last year.
And now...while typing I see a large moose, thinking it’s a bull, across the road and a few minutes later a cow moose with yearling calf 50 feet from the camper...NICE!
It does get dark now at night...for probably 6 hours or so...with stars and moon visible. Thinking of friends who are also viewing those same heavenly sights.

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