Monday, August 6, 2007


July 29 ~ Sunday ~ cloudy to sunny.
The last several days have started out with high clouds, then by afternoon the sun is out and it is gorgeous! Maybe a little breeze...enough to keep those little tiny flying things away. When it’s in the 70's here it feels a lot hotter than in MT...the tilt of the sun farther north perhaps.
Jack takes a little ride over to Mark’s to call Jim/JoAnn and David and takes note that ‘the mountain is out’. Too bad we don’t have ‘a view’, but are happy with the peacefulness here. David has to work...J/J will be here this afternoon, so stay close to home, visiting with HB and Erin for a bit and Jack going down to Brian Brandt’s, the neighbor that introduced himself yesterday. Did I mention...friendly neighbor? So friendly that he has shown Jack where the key is to both their cabins (on the same property) in case we ever need ANYTHING!!!
Met Thane and Chevon, friends of HB and Erin, who have a place about ½ mile north of here...up for the weekend, building an outhouse and helping HB/Erin raise their cabin walls...very nice people! It’s an up and coming neighborhood! They all plan on coming up next weekend also.
Finally, about 4:30pm Jack takes the 4-wheeler down to the Spur Road to wait for J/J, but returns without them and goes to Chris’ to call. They had gotten a late start from Anchorage and, since Jim has to work tomorrow morning, decided to not stop on their way back to North Pole. We brought with us 4 bottles of Longhorn BBQ sauce for Jimmy...and we still have them...let’s see***something about 9/10ths of the law, comes to mind.
After discussing building the outhouse, I took a 4 wheeler ride to the creek. Yup...salmon AND ***young grizzlies playing by the tree line at the swimming/pocket-mail hole, maybe 600 or more feet away from the road! Have I mentioned the camera we have? Kodak Easyshare 740. I use it in place of binoculars, bringing in things by I start snapping’s two Sandhill Cranes snacking on...whatEVer they snack on. Maybe the bear were hiding behind a tree...
Spaghetti company to share...and a sprinkle or two.

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