Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 21 ~ Tuesday ~ cloudy, sprinkles...and...heavy sprinkles...for a while at Talkeetna.
Decided to go back up north today, stopping at Lindsay’s Latte before leaving Ninilchik. As we were backing onto our land Jack noticed moose tracks, coming right up our drive and down onto the trail we made...AND WHERE WAS I WHEN HE/SHE WENT THRU!!! I’m thinking the moose are aware that I want a CLOSE/GOOD picture and they are avoiding me. And, speaking of moose, there are signs on the highways in Alaska stating how many are killed on that particular road during the year. The Sterling Highway (from Seward Highway to Homer) had 171 killed as of last week...The Glenn Highway (from Tok to Glennallen to Anchorage) had 206 killed AND, I’m sure, the drivers/passengers don’t ‘fair too well’ in most cases. The state this week is cutting back from the road the brush that has grown the last several years...a winning situation for all concerned.
Something amazing happened last evening after we arrived...KIM DID NOT COME OVER IMMEDIATELY! But...Blue-eyed Buddy did, after Mark told us he had wandered off and the people that had him advertised it on the or family must have ‘rescued’ him.

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