Wednesday, August 29, 2007


August 29 ~ Wednesday ~ MORE SUN!!!
Laundry day...complements of Adams~and filled with water day...complements of Adams. Also, discoverd we have about enough propane to brew 1/3 cup of coffee so took the bottle with us when we went to the fair at noon. Our first stop(s)??? Pork chop on a stick...Frier Tuck's roasted corn on a stick...funnel cake with powdered sugar...Kettle Korn...soda. Is there any other reason to go to a fair??? Apparently so~ my bags were full when we left at 7pm! BUT...the main reason we watch Tera show her steer~AND SHE RECEIVED GRAND CHAMPION!!! Now for showmanship tomorrow and the sale on Saturday. Didn't really think we'd go this often...BUT...we are only here maybe once... Met Cindy after the above eating spree and went to see 'Salmon on Parade'...nice ones like Whitefish's 'Moose/Bear on Parade'. Talkeetna should take a lesson as they only have little almost plywood moose 'on their parade'. THEN...she and I bought some aloe lotion that will cure everything and make you look...OH, SO YOUNG, since it can also be used on the face. Maybe we won't recognize each other tomorrow!
Everyone just can't comprehend the sun being out for the fair...usually it's raining and cold, but all are enjoying the weather. Met a friend of Janell's tonight and I can see why she enjoys her company. We'd be friends, too.
Wonder what I'll have to eat tomorrow...

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