Monday, August 6, 2007


July 30 ~ Monday ~Raining since late last evening ~ Amanda’s BD!!!
Have a happy day, Amanda!
The day starts with Woody and Wilcox on the radio...and coffee...planning on doing SOMETHING today instead of sitting around by the fire...which is a real pull in itself. Love that fire smoke...ODE DE SMOKE, my new fragrance; however, since the weather is NOT cooperating we’re sitting in the camper, Jack reading and I...decide to start the 2007 album. Did all the pictures through arriving at Jeff and Janell’s while Jack went outside and started cutting more dead fall to get a trail to the back. Mark came over for a bit this afternoon...Kim this morning...and the dogs whenEVer. Sure am glad we have the 4 wheeler because even riding in the rain is a nice break.
Kim doesn’t know yet when he can start work here...maybe it’ll get done...maybe it won’t, but I’m not stressing.
This evening Jack is watching a movie...and I’m reading, not listening to the rain on the roof since right now it’s not...

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