Thursday, August 16, 2007


August 15 ~ Wednesday ~ rainy/cloudy to partly sunny.
Rain during the night, but wake to 'just' cloudy/sprinkly skies as we prepare to leave for a week or so. Loaded everything in the trailer but left that home. Laundry at 'John's', while Jack bought propane and a couple other segments for the outhouse pipe at Moore's, then traveled back to that pipe to unload the holding tanks. Grocery shopped in Wasilla/Palmer, then found our regular spot at Jeff's and Janell's, BBQing in the evening and watching 'Wild Hogs' with Tim Allen and John Trovolta (funny, good movie). This might be the last time here this year that we see Jeff, depending on how long we are on the Kenai Peninsula, as he will be flying to Livingston for guiding on the 26th. Most likely we won't be gone that long. They gave us blueberry jelly made from the berries we all picked on Saturday during the 4 wheeler ride...yeah!!! Also, had homemade current and raspberry jelly during dinner...yum!!!

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