Wednesday, August 29, 2007


August 28 ~ Tuesday ~ SUN!!!
Played on the internet in the morning while Jack read, then I went shopping and had lunch with my friend, Kay, at the Colony Inn in Palmer...a quaint little 'B&B' that serves breakfast and brunch...a very, very good place to eat. The visit was too short, but at least we were able to see each other one more time before we leave.
I did two quilt shops, one in Palmer, the other in Wasilla. Bought two more Alaska-made (salmon~just the outline and...kinda...bones. REALLY, it's cool!) and one Washington-made, but a 'made-for-Alaska' theme also (dragonflies)...more or less an applique technique, but not one that the turning of edges is required...AND...MAYBE...with the 'embellishing machine' I bought I'll be able to 'do-my-own-thing'. Didn't even forget to pick up the photos at Fred Meyer like last time when we had to turn around...but that even was a blessing since I found an LCMS church from that adventure...AND...found another while looking for the Colony Inn...almost across the street! If possible I'll go to both on Sunday. St. John's in Palmer has several hundred souls, but Lamb of God in Wasilla is about St. Peter size. Janell wants a report back because they are looking for a home great talking to her, as always...about everything. We just have soooo much in common and I'll miss her/them greatly!

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