Wednesday, August 15, 2007


August 14 ~ Tuesday ~ cloudy to rainy.
Woke up to clouds today with a little blue sky, UNTIL Jack went outside...and then it started raining...but just for a minute. Really glad the gazebo is down.
OK...I lied about ‘for just a minute’ with the rain as it started in for a real downpour a little later...wish I had had a rain gauge out to see how much. Finally put a rubbermaid container out for the rest of the day and that totaled ½ inch.
Went up to Chris’ for water as we were low...and also think we are low on propane. That we’ll see about tomorrow when we leave for about a week. The rest of the day was spent just putting things away...or reading. Kim did come over later in the evening to finish making a better ‘ramp’ with dirt to get down to ‘our lower level’ of ground and the start of the trail to the back. Didn’t get to see the swans again today...due to rain...

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