Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 24 ~ Friday ~ partly sunny/cloudy.
Chore day again...will these clothes EVER stay clean! We also had to get the mail as we may not be around again when the post office is open. I offered to go with the 4 wheeler, but that wasn’t going to happen apparently. Took photos of trees, etc. remember during the winter. It hasn’t frosted here yet, but that time is getting closer and closer. Quite cool in the mornings...sweatshirt cool AND a coat when I go to pocket mail. I’m reading a book on the Klondike...amazing what they went thru, but equally amazing is the ice that builds up on the Yukon...and other bodies of such an early time of year. In 1897 the Yukon was frozen~FROZEN!!!~ by the end of September and no boats could get thru at all! They did have a chinook for about 12 hours and when that ended and the water froze again there were house size chunks of ice as far as the eye could see, piled up on each other from the current and no boat moved for 8 months. ‘The Klondike Fever’ by Pierre Berton...I recommend it highly as does Jack.

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