Monday, August 6, 2007


August 5 ~ Sunday ~ Liquid Sunshine.
7:30AM...Listened to Michael Card, Steven Green and Michael W. morning time with God and sharing St. Peter worship time with my Christian family. Thankful we do have rain and praying for rain in The Lower 48. has rained ALL night...going on 38 hours now. Decided I’d brave getting wet, found a rain coat and took the 4 wheeler down to see how the creek is fairing. Actually, it isn’t all that much higher, so wonder about rain in the mountains...or is it snow and not melting??? Also, tried the pocket-mail...sometimes, due to weather, the signal doesn’t always come in well. Raincoat did what it’s suppose to do...but my jeans from knees down are soaked. Decided to make more banana bran muffins...the oven will warm me up. Jack is watching a movie...generator going, of course, since our batteries were low again this morning. Probably due to using heat during the night along with the fridge’s fan running. Had to start the p/u to start the camper generator...not unusual.
9PM...Rain and propane is low.

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