Monday, August 27, 2007


August 26 ~ Sunday ~ AND SUN for the fair...almost unheard of!!!
Left by 9:30am~ picked up a couple friends of Tanner and Chandler~ to go to the fair...10AM gate openings on weekends and the lines were already long, BUT not as long as yesterday! First off...THE SLINGSHOT...both girls and Jeff and Tanner decided to ride. Not something for the 'faint-hearted' as the stomach stays up as the person 'falls' to watch, tho...but scary. Lots and lots...did I say LOTS...of booths: crafts, food, merchandise...and, of course, exhibits of plant and animals...AND...RAFFLES (guns, cabin, quilts, 4 wheelers)...and the midway...and demonstrations. This fair will take a couple days to walk thru and see. We 'scoped' out the food that we want to try on our next go-round. The demonstration of logging was very good...funny. To do that a couple times a day, everyday, during the fair would be tough to keep humor in the dialog, but the four REAL loggers did it well...and you should have seen how fast one climbed a tree!!!
The rodeo started at 2pm so we could only stay about an hour, before leaving for Anchorage, but we did see Lindsay run the barrels, coming in 4th. Only videoed her for the last half because the announcer didn't say who was up next and on deck.
We left for Anchorage to meet Paul, Effie, etc. at 3:30pm...found them at one of the Wal-Marts and conversed for a bit before Paul, Joshua, Caleb and Susan's folks had to leave for Nondalton. Effie entertained us while eating at the Outback and until we dropped her off at the airport. Soooo good to see her again and hear all the news... will see Paul and the whole family next week when they come to Anchorage...and maybe Talkeetna.
Arrived 'home' at Jeff's/Janell's at 11:30pm, by the glow of a full moon, as they were on their way to the airport in Anchorage to drop Jeff off for hunting in MT.

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