Monday, August 6, 2007


July 28 ~ Saturday ~ cloudy to sunny.
Each day while here we have to run the p/u to charge Jack’s portable battery for his C-PAP, so glad we did in the morning because Adams came over early afternoon...a side trip on their way to pan for gold on Hatcher Pass. While Chandler and I stayed in case Morgans came...the rest went for a ride to see the beaver dam...and also saw bear scat on the road AND A MOOSE at the pocket-mail site. Do you think I could see a moose many times as I’ve been there!!! Of course, who’s to say...they keep telling me they have a mama moose at their place... Was good to see them and they may be back for a day or overnight next weekend...YEA!!!
Jack is cutting some downed trees today...and also cutting the culvert into two pieces, one for the outhouse and one for the spring, if we decide to go that route. AND making beans in the Dutch oven. He’s just soooo busy!
I have printed pictures for postcards...will write them tonight and give them to Jim and JoAnn for mailing when they come tomorrow. Janell is mailing some bills for me...and will pick up the 2fer coupon book from the Fairfield in Anchorage on Monday, Diane having left it there when they checked out.
Another neighbor about ½ mile north of us came to introduce himself today...Brian...from MN originally, but has been in AK since the ‘70's. Nice man, three dogs, a wife...and said we could borrow anything he has that we need. Alaskan people are like this...complete strangers helping other and don’t expect any payment in return. Have just read a book, ‘Oh, No! We’re Going To Die’ by Bob Bell and he mentions this several times.
Morgans did not come up...glad we saw them last weekend!
Beans were very good...Mark enjoyed them with us before the thunder...but no rain as the cloud moved to the south.

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