Friday, August 10, 2007


August 7 ~ Tuesday ~ bright blue sky.
The sunlight is sooo awesome shining thru the trees...seems to change the terrain at each angle.
Trekked into that terrain again today ~with Jack within about 400 feet of the east edge of our land...altho we can’t see it because of the brush...maybe it’s only 30 feet...NOT! I’m w-a-y behind...probably 300 feet in since it’s slower going due to detailing, cutting everything from the 4 wheeler path...thinking it’ll not grow over for a year or two...or a month...
Actually, we will have cut more than the 900 feet to the back when done, around and over birch and spruce trees. So animals, but there are trails besides ours back there...and, I think, I saw places where SOMETHING has bedded down~unless Jack has been playing around with the 4 wheeler trying to find the easiest way. Oh, and***Jack is the one that has my gun***
Kim did show up today to continue with the drive...between visiting...Mark also, and the dogs. We have more visitors here than in MT!
The mountain was out today in all it’s glory...given by God as all things are...including new friends which are really old neighbors. After pocket-mailing I drove to the cabin of people Kim told us older couple, in their 80's, who in ‘81 built their own cabin and road, having to snow-machine in over a mile with all the material. She told me they never thought in their lifetime there would be a road past their place...and even farther (we are over a mile from them). A very nice couple...invited me to their church in Talkeetna (she does the ironic is that!)...the guy keeps all the brush down around the cabin and along the drive AND cuts all their winter wood. They only have an outhouse...and have no running water, hauling it in in 5 gallon containers about 15 way.
We had our soooo yummy chicken...baked...last night


tasha said...

What kind of church do they go to?

Chrysa said...

Baptist...6 miles away...good to go on a 4 wheeler...