Wednesday, August 15, 2007


August 10 ~ Friday ~ sunny, YEAH!
This is a chore day again...and this time I’m going in by myself since Jack and Mark are ‘playing’ in the pipe trench for the outhouse. Yoder Road is all chip-sealed...NICE, like a super freeway!!! My usual route is John Watt’s for laundry and internet where I only do my e-mail which takes forEVer...and all but maybe 4 are mail I definitely do not want...THEN, to the hardware store, Tesoro for fuel and M-O-N-E-Y from the ATM, the everything store and on into Talkeetna. Hiked down to the beach for yet another picture of Denali***which stayed ‘out’ ALL day!!! And, since, I’m alone I am eating at the Roadhouse which has ever sooo yummy food! Breakfast is huge...which I am late I opt for a bowl of turkey white bean soup with bread. Get this! Over an inch and a fourth the homemade wheat bread is cut...and real butter...all for $4.75. Of course, their scones are mouth watering...had them buy a strawberry/rhubarb and a blackberry. Internet at Tanners was slow again so only transferred the blog...tried pictures, but was a no go. Also, talked to Laura, the jelly lady, who told me earlier that she would display and sell whatEVer I come up with~ with the pictures I’ve taken~so asked for her address in case I have to send them up for next tourist season. She’s so neat...gave me a hug...told me to keep in touch...and I will. And onward, back up to Malispina Loop where Jack and Mark are sitting, contemplating their work. Mark has brought over his camera for me to upload on the laptop...tomorrow we’ll have videos.
Just heard in town that the shuttle may be in tile trouble again, so praying for their safe return. So glad that God is in complete control of everything...we need not worry.

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