Wednesday, August 15, 2007


August 13 ~ Monday ~ and, yes! Sunny again!
So, since it is NOT raining the screened gazebo came down...just don’t want to put it away when it’s not dry. Sure glad we bought the 18 foot wide one as the section under the ‘don’t get wet part’ has room for about 4 chairs, but, as far as keeping the bugs out and the sun off~works great! Jack rearranged the trailer and we also unloaded the camper so we could pick up storage things, also, getting bolts to repair the upper brackets for the air bags under the p/u which had broken (last year they also had broken so have been keeping an eye on them). At the swimming hole/pocket mail place, on the way back, there was a cow moose with yearling calf...first I’ve seen here this year.
I also hauled rocks for the ‘wall’ by the road/pad down to the ‘meadow’ where I hope to sow the native seeds...not done with that yet, maybe tomorrow.
Took a 4 wheeler ride to the beaver dam to take video of the swans...NOTE TO SELF: BRING EXTRA BATTERIES ALWAYS! Did get one video, but the camera turned off by itself...RATS! The swans did swim toward me, but found me not as much of an attention-getter as the dog the other day, so just meandered around. They kept staring at the tree line so wondered if their little ones were still there. Sooo...tomorrow morning when we turn the generator on the camera will be charged...then, hopefully, another trip to the pond will happen.

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