Thursday, August 30, 2007


August 30 ~ Thursday ~ Mostly sunny.
Made a later start today, arriving at the fair gates shortly before noon opening. Made a couple exchanges from yesterday and browsed in a couple boothes before wondering what the food de jour would be. Crab cakes and bacon wrapped scallops looked really good...A-N-D...they were, but not really enough to be filling so trudged on over to the 'Whole Hog or None Catering'...BBQ spare ribs and fries which were soooo yummy...THEN I was full! Meanwhile, Jack had BBQ ribs from another place, but didn't like the sauce...and checked mine out to taste if it was better...Yup, by a w-h-o-l-e bunch! The music groups are quite good, just hearing bits and pieces until later afternoon when we sat for a while and listened.
Watched the showmanship part of Tera's competition, winning the top showmanship award with her steer and coming in as reserve master showman in the round robin. The competitions involve a variety of things...from how the person is dressed, to the cleanliness of the animal, the control of the animal, the eye contact of the person with the judge and several other aspects. Very interesting to see how it's all handled. We left about 5:30pm, stopping at 'The Rib-cage'...a little BBQ trailer on the way to Jeff's...for, let's see...a BBQ pulled pork with cole slaw on a bun. NOW THAT WAS GOOD! The guy had run out of beans so substituted some ribs. OH, YEAH! I'd go back!
In the evening Janell, Chandler and I attended the school's open house, the scary place for her two weeks ago, but not any more. I felt priveledged to have been invited!
When it's warm during the day and blue sky the cloud formations in the afternoons over the Hatcher Pass area east of Palmer are just awesome! Blues going to deep dark colors with white thunderheads...rolling and churning sometimes...other times fairly still, but always changing...another example of God's handiwork... How can anyone not know Him!
PS...Cindy and I recognized each other...maybe it takes longer than a day...

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