Saturday, August 25, 2007


August 20 ~ Monday ~ rain, rain, rain, rain, rain, rain.
Really mostly drizzle, but quite heavy drizzle at times...most of the day. Got up at a decent time, but didn’t go into the house due to sleeping people during the morning. Cindy did make us French toast about noon, then she and I decided to go to Soldotna for our annual peanut buster parfait and fries...and dog food/dog bed for Boots...and groceries...and Alaska patterns (found really neat ones made by a lady in Soldotna...bought two, a moose and a bear, just hope I can do them justice). Would really like to spend A LOT of time...and most likely the Viking store where I bought the patterns...over 7000 bolts of fabric...books...etc.
Boots...just a really neat puppy...5 months now...gets up very slowly after sleeping, just like a baby/toddler, but gets motivated and runs back and forth playing with whomEVer is with him. Today he walked/ran me to the camper and when I came out bounded behind a bush so I wouldn’t see him. Remember when you were little and that flight urge hit to hide when someone came around the corner? The rustle...and his fox ears...gave him away tho.
Probably will leave tomorrow morning and head back to Palmer, then Talkeetna for a couple days, depending on when Lindsay will ride in the rodeo this weekend.

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